A Wealth of Choices

As I put together a FlexBook for a Pre-Algebra/Intro Algebra class, the quantity of available content on CK12 is quite impressive. It is very cool to be able to pick and choose exactly the content I want and put it in the “correct order.” I have found content for most topics, but it takes some time to locate appropriate “read” sections.

It certainly takes some effort to find exactly the right sections to use. For example, the sections on two-step equations from the existing algebra flexbooks jump into complex equations with fraction bars right at the beginning. Digging deeper, I found four separate sections that go through ax+b=c, ax-b=c, x/a+b=c, and x/a-b=c. While I will likely cover all of those in one lesson, it is handy to have discrete sections that explain each situation.

Other content is much more difficult to find. There are some great discussions about solving multi-step equations, but as I previously noted, there seem to be no examples of “no solution” or “all real numbers” for linear equations. I am left to write that content myself.

Piecing together a chapter on inequalities is proving to be more difficult. Single-step with addition and subtraction? No problem. Multiplication and division? Not so great. I cannot abide inaccuracies like this:

-1x \le 2

“Then, divide both sides of the inequality by -1 to solve for the variable ‘x.’”

\frac{-1x}{-1} \le \frac{2}{-1}


The second to last statement creates a false mathematical sentence. This is an unfortunate error that can propagate inaccuracies in student work. To many, it might seem like a small error, but I emphasize accuracy and proper technique in my classes. I have decided to be a good citizen and submit errors as I encounter them now.

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