CK-12 Flexbooks and How the Heck to Get to One


Yes, frustration level is increasing. I made a flexbook out of CK-12 Algebra 1 – Second Edition. Essentially, that means I chose “Add to FlexBook┬« Textbook.” Now, I have a flexbook made out of a previous flexbook. I am keeping this as version 1, since I want to be able to export it as a pdf, and I don’t see any functional reason to use version 2.

Change scene to my iPad. Both “CK-12” and “FlexBook” are installed apps. I am logged into both. In the FlexBook app, I can get to pre-made flexbooks but not to the one I customized. Here, I am somewhat stymied. Do I need to “Share with Classes?” Certainly, I do not want to “Publish,” since that makes it available to the public. Really, all I want to do is be able to access the flexbook I made on my iPad. That couldn’t be that hard, right?

First attempt: Share with Class(es). I had an empty algebra class setup with no students. Let’s see what happens. Nope. That didn’t work. I can’t see it in either app. Maybe I need to be logged in as a student? That seems a bit ridiculous.

Second attempt: this is the same thing but with a version 2 of the flexbook.

In case you are wondering what my first edit has been for this test case, it is to replace the inane “PEMDAS” with the slightly less inane “GEMDAS.” Really, though, I might have to rewrite the whole Order of Operations section so it is not an exercise in memorizing stupid acronyms.

Second attempt failed the same way.

Oh, look! I clicked on Help. “Finding Community Contributed Books. . . . accessed a bit differently . . . mobile browser . . . click Open in app . . . blah blah.” Let’s try that!

Okay, that worked for the version 1 of the flexbook. Used Safari, went to, logged on, went to library, opened version 1 flexbook, “Open in App” option on left navigation bar. For version 2? Not possible to do this action. Complete FAIL. Another reason to stay away from version 2 of flexbooks.

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  1. Money

    Have you found the help pages at CK12 to be helpful at all? It looks like you need to create a support account to see the FAQs.


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