ExamView Version Craziness

So, the last full version that I have been using is from 2010. It is a product of eInstruction, which was either changed or bought by Turning Technologies. There is now an upgrade to version 11. I have not seen any compelling reasons to upgrade, but there are apparently many new online capabilities that just don’t seem all that compelling.

Also, beware, once you save a test or question bank in a later version, you may not be able to open it in an earlier version. Be sure you are really going to dance with the new partner if you use a later version. I seem to be able to open 7.5 vesion question banks in 6.1.1, however.

Beware, again, that there is a lot of old information on the Internet about ExamView and many links to the old seller, Fscreations. Don’t click on those links. The domain is squatted and leads to nefarious sites. The old forum at examview.com has a bit of useful information, but much of it is outdated.

For example, some older versions of ExamView could export tests and banks as XML documents. While you can still import XML, it will no longer export. That means that an old workaround to copy narratives with algorithm definitions no longer works.

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