I Gave Up, Here’s Why

I gave up with CK12. Well, to be more specific, I gave up trying to use it for 7th and 8th grade algebra and geometry classes. We are still using it for a 6th grade class, but more as a supplementary text and resource rather than as a primary textbook.

  1. The CK12 content is simply too inconsistent to use. There are just too many content errors to sort through and fix. Perhaps, much of it is fine for a conceptual based class where accuracy is secondary, but I cannot abide that. In addition, there are too many content gaps. If I am going to be left writing entire sections to fill in important details (equations with no solution, or special solution sets for compound inequalities), then what’s the point. I will probably point to some CK12 content for supplementary practice, but that’s about it.
  2. The only way to track student practice and progress with practice is to create assignments. That is a laborious process if I want to set up more than one or two practice assignments. Perhaps, I don’t want to set them with fixed dates? The official word is that it jeopardizes student privacy. I don’t see how. If I create accounts, and the students use those accounts, who else has access? Why shouldn’t I be able to see any of the progress my students make with any practice. This is where IXL gets it right.

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