My Journey with CK-12 in Middle School Math Classes

I am looking at next year as a new adventure, the creation, implementation, and adoption of new curricula, leaving behind old textbooks, making each curriculum more flexible. Thus, I begin my experiment with CK-12. My plan is to chronicle my journey of creating the perfect CK-12 resources for use in math classes from sixth through eighth grade.


Tracking this experiment in this sort of blog thing is not how I really want to use my time, but I was inspired by my experience last night. Last night I began trying to “embed” (their word, not mine) a CK-12 practice into a flexbook. This proved to be a monstrously frustrating experience. There is so little out there on the Internet about the actual, practical implementation of CK-12 that I figured someone needs to do it.

Here is where it began: How to Embed a CK-12 Practice Into Your FlexBook or Another Platform. Oh boy, what a disastrous rabbit hole that is! Add to the giant list of pet peeves – FAQ’s, help files, tutorials, etc. that don’t apply to anything in reality.

There is no “Insert/Edit Media” button, nor is there a way to “Create New Content” that is not static text. Sure, the “embed” option from the practice module gives me some nice HTML for an iframe that I can stick into some web page code, but that does not go anywhere into a flexbook. Is there a way to make this work, I ask you?

Next, we have flexbook version 1 and version 2. From a functionality standpoint, I see little difference. There are the nice sliding menus and table of contents off to the left of the version 2, so yippee for that – more transitions and animations to distract and slow down operations. The big deal is that you cannot export version 2 to a pdf. That is really a deal breaker. I refuse to use “textbooks” that require constant online connectivity. Perhaps, I will later go on a rant about equity and inclusion along those lines.

So, here begins my journey . . .

(See the non-working embed below:)

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