PDF’s of FlexBooks, Continued

With 12 chapters in a FlexBook, about ten sections in each chapter, and no way to download a pdf of the entire thing (see the other post about PDF generation is unsuccessful), what is a teacher to do?

There are embedded thumbnails in the pdf that should be clickable links to videos and practice modules. Even though the entire book can’t be downloaded as a pdf, CK12 can generate each of the 12 chapters, but then none of those embedded links work.

If I download individual sections, those links mostly work, giving me about 120 pdf’s that need to be stitched together. And, still some of them are broken, and I need to fix them by hand. If you do not have a full version of Acrobat or some other pdf editor, then you are SOL. And, no, requiring Internet access to use the FlexBook is not a viable option.

To add insult to injury, every single one of these sections has a title heading “Chapter 1.” Each section is named correctly, but they are all chapter 1!


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