Yield to Pedestrian

Many years ago, DC began installing the Yield to Pedestrian signs in crosswalks across the city. One particular sign that I passed on my way to work each day became worse and worse over the course of several weeks until it was a flattened sheet of metal in the street. That began my tour of cataloging Yield signs across the city.

For weeks I had driven past this Yield to Pedestrian sign in the crosswalk at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Hamilton Street NW. Over the course of time it became more and more beaten. I began to wonder about the fate of these signs across the District, if they were all hit by cars, if they made streets any safer for pedestrians. I decided to chronicle a few of them.

Since then, most of these signs are gone. I’ve added a couple of new ones here and there, but they disappear faster than I get new ones. I think the Convention Center is the newest location, at least that I have seen lately.

I will soon mark the ones that no longer exist, which ones are updated, and which are new.